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We review all of our uncertain tax positions and make a determination as to whether our position is more likely than not to be sustained upon audit by taxing authorities. If a tax position meets this more-likely-than-not threshold, then the related tax benefit is measured based on a cumulative probability analysis of the amount that is more likely than not to be realized upon ultimate settlement or disposition of the underlying tax issue.

Our backlog, which reflects signed orders to be delivered over the following twelve months, was as follows at December 31, 2018 and December 31, 2017:

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The Gel Max Convertible Mouth Guard by Shock Doctor is designed to give you maximum comfort and protection.

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The Kalk Limited Edition has a flat and somewhat wide seat, making it easy to move forward and back on the bike. The flat bend and forward position of the handlebar provide the sensation of riding a mountain bike rather than a dirt bike.

Enerparc U.S. has deployed 100MW, making it a fairly small player for the moment. Its German parent has installed 2,500MW to date. With a net worth of $4.7 billion, the current head of the family, Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, has the means to supercharge build-out at Enerparc, hit the firm’s CSR values, rack up tax credits and, if it chooses, lower its electricity costs. A toy company buying a solar developer? It makes perfect sense.

Performance at our Blue Springs, Missouri facility continues to lag with lower revenue and higher fixed costs reducing margins and profitability. We continue to work to remedy the issues at the facility. However, it will be several quarters before we return to acceptable levels of performance and profitability.

Alain Thieffry, 63, has been a director since 2002, Chairman of the Board since 2010, Chief Financial Officer since 2016, and Chief Executive Officer, President, Secretary and Treasurer since September 21, 2018. He served as the Company’s Interim Chief Financial Officer from July 2014 to January 2016. He currently serves as Chairman of our Compensation Committee. He has served as President of the Executive Board of Holding Wilson, S.A., our principal stockholder, since 2002 and as an executive officer since 1984. Since 2003, Mr. Thieffry has also served as Chief Executive Officer of DeRoche, S.A., a distributor of food products. Mr. Thieffry holds Masters of Law and Business Administration and the equivalent of a CPA license in France. Among other qualifications, Mr. Thieffry brings to the Board of Directors significant experience in mergers and acquisitions, international business practices and business structuring. Mr. Thieffry’s son, Alexandre Thieffry, serves as our Executive Vice President – Finance.

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Jones would not disclose Jatco’s 2019 capital expenditure budget, but he noted a "good portion" will involve expenditures for the move.

Since we were output-driven from a process prospective, I decided to look at the data from the run and noticed that all the outputs were within the validated process limits. Even with the larger screw and barrel, the setpoints were set to achieve the process outputs that we had identified during process development. During the run, parts were measured and visually inspected and they were not only acceptable, the distribution of the dimensions hit the requirements of 1.33 and 1.67 for CpK an PpK respectively. Armed with all the data, a risk analysis was submitted and approved by the customer. We were able to ultimately prove that even with a different screw and barrel, the process had not been changed.

Aaron Doehrel, general manager, said training in Hamlet extends to the college level, just as it does at the company’s headquarters in Erie, Pa.

With its introduction, enhancements over the previous Dura system include new Dura Plus nozzles with an enhanced thermal profile, full stainless steel construction and a highly polished runner finish, which work together to improve processability, provide greater system durability and prevent contamination defects of molded parts. In the field, cycle time improvements of 22% and an extremely low scrap rate of 0.8% have been observed. Dura Plus remains the clearest choice for automotive lens molding applications.

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